Animation Style

Doodles into Stories

Animation as the moving picture

The difference between something like Pixar and Family Guy is in the attention to detail in the moving backgrounds. The animated "sets" must be themselves moving pictures, never stills. My process always begins with old fashioned 2D pen and paper intermixed with modern technology.

Drawing infinity

For O Girl of a Dream, I used an optical illusion creating the backgrounds for my scene in which my character gets chased by apples through the supermarket. Learn how repeating lines overlapping together can trick the eye.

Repeating Patterns

When you watch many of your favorite movies, you're watching patterns repeated over and over in animation and CGI without knowing it! Watch my animated apples go from patterns to getting ready to chase someone down at the supermarket.


Layers aren't only for winter days and onions! Watch a ten second burst of how I use layers of animation to add depth in an ocean backdrop from O Girl of a Dream.

from cartoon Green Screens...

I employ the same green screen effects used in live action cinematic releases through drawing an animated virtual "green screen" spacer.

...to Reality Turned Animated Using Green Screens

Watch my real cat, Noele Russin, acting on a green screen to appear in one of my upcoming shorts debuting on Amazon Prime called The Eyes of Old Texas. A bit of nepotism happened casting her, but her acting talent makes the "who you know" a lot less obvious!