Books become great movies. I began publishing books so I would learn about the publishing process to do it for others – and yeah, because I wanted to have the book versions of some of my future film work available to keep reading alive for kids!
— xoxo, Nicole

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The Big Bad Wolf Strikes It Rich! Fairy Tale Wall Street Memoirs

The Big Bad Wolf isn’t who you think he is. For starters, he has a legal name – Aladdin Todd Jackson – and from the time he meets the magical genie trapped in a recycled energy drink can, he embarks on a grand, wolfy Wall Street adventure. In stories based on Grimm’s Fairy Tales and European folklore with a modern Manhattan twist, come along as this luxury loving wolf with a heart of gold beneath his scary teeth learns lessons about business and real life.


Adults dissatisfied by manufactured children’s literature, rejoice! The impish satirical tale of The Big Bad Wolf Strikes It Rich! Fairy Tale Memoirs is The Art of the Deal written by Red Riding Hood’s nemesis and it’s all sorts of brilliant.
— Essex Magazine, giving a very wolfy compliment

The bilingual edition of The Big Bad Wolf Strikes It Rich! is perfect for learning a new language at school, home or work for ages 8-1,000!

Audiobook Edition

Actor: Kevin Rineer

Maneki-Neko: Kei, the Lucky Cat of Harajuku

Kei is a white cat whose favorite food is salmon! When Naomi's clothing store in Imado goes out of business, Kei appears with a surprise. This story was inspired by the Japanese legend of the lucky cat.

Spoken Word Edition

Actress: Nicole Russin-McFarland

Pirate Maiden: Caitlin, the Irish Sea Princess

Arrr, it’s a pirating adventure for ye young sea urchins! Caitlin was like any other teenage Irish lass helping her parents tend to sheep – until she was kidnapped by filthy pirates. A young pirate boy aboard her kidnapper’s ship has a secret: what is it, and what lies in store for her in the process of becoming a pirate maiden herself?

Audiobook Edition

Coming soon!

Actor: Ryan McGregor

Ingrid Has Two Dads: My Family Is Normal

Has anyone ever made you feel like you weren't normal? As Ingrid finds out, the only people who think gay life isn't normal are the weirdos themselves! One day at the playground, the class mean girl, Veronica, shouted, "Ingrid is a freak!" with her snotty friends. Why? Because Ingrid has two dads. When Ingrid makes the mistake of pushing Veronica, the school principal decides not to punish her but make Ingrid write a journal exploring why her dads are as normal as any other parents. As Ingrid learns in the course of her assignment, so many "normal" people she didn't know are actually gay...and her dads are pretty cool!

Audiobook Edition

Actor: Alec Manley Wilson

Classically trained actor Alec Manley Wilson provides a beautiful narration for this uniquely modern classic tale. Wilson starred in the LGBT themed film Shared Rooms and has had roles on Modern Family, My Crazy Ex, and Comedy Central. He received his MFA in acting from the American Repertory Theater/Moscow Art Theater Institute at Harvard University and his BFA in Acting from Western Oregon University.

CD Edition

The Pollution Monster Attacks Hawaii

Oh, no! Garbage in the ocean has created a monster. Literally! The animals have enlisted the help of a dentist to save the environment.

Ages: 2-6

Audiobook Edition

Actor: Ryan McGregor

The Start

Buy some of the books still out for sale from when I was learning about the publishing industry. My real dog, Isla, is amongst my first authors!


A word on Pen Names

In life, I've used assorted fake names for journalism and books, learning there is nothing better than using your own name. Originally, I did it to separate my early school and newspaper work from my real self as I didn't often enjoy the writing topics I had and for people to find my books more easily. At one point, I was so frustrated by people incorrectly calling me "Nicole Russian," I tried going by Richárde, the feminine form of Richard I made up! My mononym didn't work as people couldn't find books under my correct last name! Also, my books have been published under Nicole Russin, the shortened single last name version of my real legal name. All in all, your name is your brand. As much as you think a pen name will separate you from the work, people will connect you with it. I am proud of some of the stories I have told, like the powerful family message in Ingrid Has Two Dads – and my heart wants nothing but for the wolrd to know so! Never again will I use a pen name!