Children's Books

Books become great movies. I began publishing books so I would learn about the publishing process to do it for others – and yeah, because I wanted to have the book versions of some of my future film work available to keep reading alive for kids!
— xoxo, Nicole


My books are always adapted into audiobook titles. The actors and actresses I work with are truly outstanding. My audiobooks are found on my Amazon author pages, iTunes, and Audible.

Did you know?

Some of my children's books have been professionally translated into other languages! You can find them in single language or bilingual editions for foreign language instruction.


A word on Pen Names

In life, I've used assorted fake names for journalism and books, learning there is nothing better than using your own name. Originally, I did it to separate my early school and newspaper work from my real self as I didn't often enjoy the writing topics I had and for people to find my books more easily. At one point, I was so frustrated by people incorrectly calling me "Nicole Russian," I tried going by Richárde, the feminine form of Richard I made up! My mononym didn't work as people couldn't find books under my correct last name! Also, my books have been published under Nicole Russin, the shortened single last name version of my real legal name. All in all, your name is your brand. As much as you think a pen name will separate you from the work, people will connect you with it. I am proud of some of the stories I have told, like the powerful family message in Ingrid Has Two Dads – and my heart wants nothing but for the wolrd to know so! Never again will I use a pen name!