The biggest misconception is that to be a good composer, you either have to be insane or a great musician with a particular instrument. Composing is another method of writing. Not every book author is a great public speaker, if they were to read their books aloud. Likewise with composing ā€“ and rather than insanity, all that is required is paying attention. Iā€™d love to say I came up with all the music advice I give you, including on my website. However, I steal it all from my former music teachers!
— xoxo, Nicole

"Why isn't all of your work on Spotify and Amazon?"

My Spotify and Amazon sections are teaser treats; the rest is a five course dinner. To find the rest of my work, visit my artist page on iTunes, Google Play, and Tidal.

"Is your music for sale on your website?"

Yes! All of my singles are sold online directly on my website. To stream and/or buy my film scores, see the links below.


Preview my work! I place much of it on YpuTube, sometimes before it hits streaming services. Only rotten eggs don't subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Film Scores

When I was in junior high, I didn't understand why people including a teacher laughed at me when I said I wanted to be a film director who composes the soundtracks to my movies. I hope by being out there and continuing to do film scores for myself and hopefully others in the future, nobody will question girls in the future when they have goals like mine.

The Eyes of Old Texas

Emoji Motel

TBA 2018

coming soon!