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I would love to work with you providing your next film score or doing the music for your special project. To hire me for music services, please use the contact information under "About" on my website.



classical crossover

Classical music doesn't have to be boring. I love dolling up my favorite popular songs into film score versions.

Anyone can cover a tune. I make an effort to bring something new into a song, sometimes changing the melody overlapping the main line or adding dramatic chords that didn't exist in the original. I'll make a song out of order or have it reflect what I am feeling at the time. With me, my cover work is always original!

Film Scores

I am proud to say that I compose the music for my films and hope to do so for other filmmakers besides myself. The biggest misconception is that to be a good composer, you either have to be insane or a great musician. Composing is another method of writing. Not every book author is a great public speaker, if they were to read their books aloud. Likewise with composing – and rather than insanity, all that is required is paying attention.

The Eyes of Old Texas


TBA 2018