Making animation has long been a dream of mine. One day, I hope to have my own animation house like Walt Disney. Though I hope to also make iive action films, I never want to leave animation behind in the dust. We owe young people animated movies with real plots and laughs.
— xoxo, Nicole

Movie Director


Emoji Motel (late 2018, TBA)

The Eyes of Old Texas (Jan. 2018, TBA)

The Beginning

When I was 5 years old, I enjoyed watching old westerns and 1950's-1960's comedies, like those starring Marilyn Monroe, or the TV show, That Girl – and I believed that the lead actresses were the ones creating the stories as they filmed them and acted everything out in pretty makeup and clothes. When I was 11 years old, I knew that job was called being a movie director – and when I grew up, I was going to be a film director who composed the music for my own movies! I had always studied music, both singing and instruments, and used to like writing music oh so much better than practicing my flute. Things helped that some of my music instructors were obsessed with Disney and John Williams scores. Whether it was me as a silly seven year old girl having our teacher make us sing Mary Poppins or my eighth grade self playing the Indiana Jones theme, I had a music walk through cinema from all decades.

Life gets in the way, like my time doing journalism and modeling with NYC agencies because I felt that was how I could make it big enough to transition into filmmaking. However, I now know that your future work is shaped by your life. And, all those years of going through college and "real work" society wants us to do made me want to do film and music so much more. And why not? I finally in March 2015 embarked on animating my first film, The Eyes of Old Texas. I always knew for some reason that my destiny would lead to my first film work coming out as the clock hit 30 years of age for me. Sometimes, you know these weird, little things. And while I often question why I didn't follow my heart sooner, I know my life had to happen in this exact order – had I been out making movies as a 20 year old girl out of film school, I would not be creating the same art I am today.