Curvy Body Style Tip #1: Ignore Clothing Myths; You'll Always Look Curvy!

Curvy Body Style Tip #1: Ignore Clothing Myths; You'll Always Look Curvy!

Curvy nowadays means hourglass or pear, skinny to plus size. Regardless, please know, if you are curvy like I am in any respect, you'll never look un-curvy wherever you are. You can downplay areas and do what you will in photographs. In real life satiations, you will never appear straight up and down a la the lollipop or column figure types.

Have you ever heard any of the following lousy tips?

"Wear medium to large sized purses only. You'll draw attention away from your curves."

As Dr. Evil might say questionably, "Riiiiiggggght." *holding up my pinky finger* When I wear a medium or large purse, I look like the same body type. I can wear a confetti purse and not draw attention away from it. Wear a small purse if you want. Your body will not turn invisible because of a bigger purse.

"Wear A-line skirts instead of pencil skirts."

You mean, look like a giant alpine evergreen? I'm going to look like a curvy girl with a giant skirt on. The pencil skirt is more figure flattering on me. No offense if you like big A-line skirts or poofy ones. Stating the truth.

"Wear bright shoes to draw attention down."

Again, if you look like Nicki Minaj, you'll be Nicki with bright shoes. You will not become Ariana Grande by adding lime green stilettos.

"Put on a flowy sweater or tee."

Easy for you to say, column shaped TV fashion expert. Flowing clothing doesn't look flowy on curvy girls. Where you're curvy, it'll stick. Face it. The middle might bag or look just right. Any size will get tighter around your curvy spot(s). You'll look a whole lot less sexed up because as you know, all clothing becomes "sexy" when you are curvy. You'll feel more confident with looser clothing for sure in causal situations. You will not look like an Olivia Palermo type. And note, I'm not saying skinny girls are inept at having curvy figures. You very well might be skinny and curvy. I'm referring to Ms. Palermo being in-curvy — and loose clothes won't make you look like that.

"Go on a diet! Your bust/bum/curvy shape will go away."

Technically, yes. You'll have a smaller version of your currently curvy frame. What will likely happen is, you can be a size 00 and not appear to be so because you're curvy. I have been thinner for assorted reasons at times, one being diabetes, and heard from people I don't look "that thin" when I'm clearly thin on the scale and in clothing size. In the worst case scenario, you might look saggy in some areas and more so if you aren't working out with your weight loss. Please, keep your BMI as healthy as you can. Do not at all diet down unless your health is in danger. Losing weight will not take away anyone acting unprofessionally around you at work. You won't have your life improve at all. Your life will be the same. Please, and the worst thing you need to hear is you don't "look like a size zero." Or two. Whatever. Fill in the dress size.

"This hairdo, or hair length, makes you look less curvy."

Not at all!

Really, if you don't get it by now, nothing you do will make you look un-curvy. In my next tips, I'll give you advice on how to look most flattering based on my own figure.

How does the fashion industry do it? In my times modeling when I've wanted to appear less curvy for a demand — people sending your photo out for casting, people at a work job wanting you to look "thin" as curvy girls don't look "thin," whatever — you get clothes pinned back to fit you perfectly. Plus, the Photoshop diet. One agency I worked with oddly made me less curvy in spots and didn't thin out my waist. Confusing. It's really whatever people think is attractive.

You can always stand at odd angles, turn into a shadow, kick a leg out, hold a blazer open, or bend forward. Why anyone thinks clothing looks better or worse on a specific body type doesn't make sense to me when the clothing to start with tends not to flatter anyone. As I primarily have done beauty, which is hair and makeup, people only care about your clothes as the second thought. Luckily. The irony is they add curves onto the column shaped women they hire. You can never win.

Which is why I don't want you to listen to all the myths fashion industry people suggest. I know some fashion designers and industry people are genuinely nice. The other half of them preach things they don't always mean in order to sell prehistoric ideas.

 A portrait I took of Miss Piggy, a very curvy thin chick.

A portrait I took of Miss Piggy, a very curvy thin chick.