Curvy Body Style Tip #5: Only Buy Select Fabrics

Some things really ought to be avoided like a bad 80's prom dress.

Please, understand these posts are not to be assumed curvy means plus size. You can be curvy at a 000 or 24.

You know really stiff fabrics? Don't bother with them on dresses and skirts. You'll need to alter them. After alterations, they won't look very attractive anyway. You'll soon get rid of the dress you paid twice as much for if you count the sale price and alteration cost. Do not bother, no, oh no! Or you'll keep the dress and feel and look like an ice cube.

Stretch fabrics are your best friends. Spandex doesn't have to resemble spandex, nor do other stretchy fabrics. You'll find lace in dresses like those made by my favorite gentleman of lace, Mr. Tadashi Shoji, contains some stretchy materials. Sue Wong is another person whose work I like because it has some give to it. For other brands, try Bebe, House of CB, or Guess.

Make it a rule. Buy clothes with stretch. Denim. Skirts. Denim skirts. Dresses. Shirts. Everything. Take this rule to heart with the majority of your clothes. Who cares? "Stretch pants are all that fit me!" said Regina George, like it's a bad thing? Whether you are skinny curvy or the other end of curvy, you probably won't fit well in stiff fabrics designed for ruler shaped girls. Don't bother with them. Feel happy. Enjoy your life. No tugging at your dress required!

 A  Threads For Thought  brand stretchy dress in my closet.

A Threads For Thought brand stretchy dress in my closet.