Old Wives’ Tale Experiment #2: Tea Bags for Allergies and Under Eye Circles

Black or green tea is said to make you look Photoshopped. Models swear by it. Well, not me. I’ve done modeling and have always felt medical advancements are best until proven otherwise. Old wives’ tales...not for me! Noooooo!

Ive tested this one out and can say you FEEL like you’re rejuvenated. By comparison to our first experiment of honey on my face, I did not feel any changes. As how you feel affects your overall confidence and people notice confidence first, you may come off beautiful to others. My eyes felt cheery, like all the blood was flowing there as scientifically proven and promised! Pretty good for a girl with naturally poor circulation! When I say scientifically, I refer to REAL MEDICAL DOCTORS as opposed to “people who are better than doctors” aka the super nice elderly hippie women you meet at a local San Francisco farmer’s market. They may have cool skirts; don’t trust their medical advice, OK. Plastic surgeons would be shut down if these old wives’ tales worked for anyone.

For allergies, as a regular daily tea drinker drinking true tea — Euro blackest black tea or green tea from Asia as most tea in America is strictly weaker/less effective produced for iced tea Lipton loving American folks — I know how effective tea is as a beverage. Tea has removed at least half my allergies from drinking it daily. When I’m south of the Mason-Dixon Line, my allergies go nuts. I am not used to this type of ... pollen junk. Meanwhilec in Chicago or NYC, I feel fine in the worst smog conditions. I’m like Pizza Rat. The product of toxic waste as I’ve been around that stuff in Illinois from the time I was small every weekend.

Although I believe tea works best when your body absorbs it internally, the tea bags took away some eye itching by about 15-20 percent. Something but not bad for being an old wives’ tale.  In my experiment, I’ve learned drinking tea is the most appropriate choice!

My black eye circles which are not puffy eye bags but actual raccoon things didn’t clear up, nor do they when I use tea bags for allergies. Tea bags may work for people with puffy stuff under their eyes. Mine are not going anywhere so far with these experiments. Ideally, at this time as I write this diary, I’m looking for the right way to stop undereye circles, period. My goal is using skin makeup only if I have to do it for a special personal or work occasion and the rest of my days, not at all.

Heck with it. If I can pull off no skin makeup forever, I’m doing it forever. I strongly believe skin makeup, and not eyeshadow/lipstick/lash stuff, is what makes women age faster than men. The stuff clogs your pores so badly. Pores, like eyes, need to breath. You know, like how if you don’t use your glasses and contacts both, if you have any pre-existing eye conditions, your eyes bleed internally. Not joking. Skin has to be the same. Ever notice all the YouTube video beauty gurus you see around look a decade older, with a few exceptions? Not a coincidence. I bet you right now half the women shopping at Sephora would cut their physical beauty in half the age were they cutting back on skin makeup or saving it for special work days/photoshoots/film set days.


Tea bags are not a magic cuteness cure all for me. Drink tea. Don’t stick the bags on your eyes hoping for something major. You’ll continue requiring a mega concealer on your under eye circles. 

If only I found a way to kick these ‘coon circles where I look punched in the face without concealer!  Until then, I’m hanging out with a tree guy who screams, “I am Groot!” Being a CGI racoon’s stand in isn’t so bad pay wise. j/k :)


My under eye circles without makeup on. Help!