Glasses: Plastic vs. Metal Frames; Nose Pads vs. None; Blue Light Filter Coat vs. None

Glasses: Plastic vs. Metal Frames; Nose Pads vs. None; Blue Light Filter Coat vs. None

I was Googling all of this and asking people when my only choice was metal frames a yeat ago back into wearing glasses again. You know you want this info from an experienced, outstanding person such as myself. My honest review of having both and which I shall order again is:




• More fun or hipster looking. You can do Mad Men black or, like me, hipster-ish bubblegum frames. Some are bright colored only on the insides or sides and subtle in front. You get your most personalized look with plastic frames.

• Every level of fashion haus has them for sale. Chanel has some really subtle colors and black frames; Miu Miu and the assorted Armani levels sell more fun frames.

• Super light weight. Wear glasses the whole day and night. Something that won't really feel like much does after that many hours. You will almost forget they're there! Or be like me. Every so often, I don't remember I have them on until I see my reflection before bedtime.

• They come in any thickness. Skinny. Thick. Metal does not.

• Exercising in glasses sucks. You absolutely cannot do it comfortably. Do not believe your eye doctor nor his/her team when they say you can. I've tried and prefer exercising with contacts or lifting weights with blurry vision. If you must, work out in plastic frames because they're less likely to get messed up.

• They handle larger prescriptions for people who use the famous Coke bottle glasses, like a -12.00 or worse, I'm told.

• I feel a lot more attractive with my plastic frames. Feeling something changes your whole work attitude and positivity during a weekend. Hold your feelings accountable for a minute and don't care about what others think all the time. Don't you want to feel less frumpy/dorky? The difference in my metal frames vs. plastic is me looking like a knitting 1771 grandma vs. Harley Quinn in the film adaptation of Suicide Squad. Not all the red lipstick on this earth makes me feel attractive with my otherwise pretty metal frames. When you feel better, you work better.


• They tend not to have nose pads. Some people may be persistent on having those.



• Professional looking in the classic fashion sense. Work on Wall Street or a bank? You can't go wrong with super shiny metal frames.

• You can get fancy ones made of gold, platinum, and other materials. The metal pair I have are so reflective, they don't look like your standard granny metal frames. Mine are really pretty in the actual material's shimmer.

• They disappear into your face a little from far. I've had people tell me they didn't notice I was wearing glasses until later. A plus for people like me who aren't always into the glasses vibe daily.

• Once again, high fashion haus brands like Cartier provide beautiful options for any type of metal frames. You don't have to wear the boring choices in your city once you know your prescription.

• You must have one pair on you. You never know when you need to look old fashioned. I mean, yeah, I love my bubblegum pink plastic frames although no, wearing cute colors won't look right at a funeral. You take metal frames to a wedding or after work corporate function if your work environement leans that direction.


• These kind of get on your nerves after a while, returning my mind with why I hated wearing glasses in my youth when I, the adult me, got some again. It has nothing to do with the metal causing an allergy. After some time, the metal feels too rigid against your hair and ears. The actual frames will not make a difference. Always happens.

• They feel so heavy after wearing them. I want to throw on my contacts and give them a rest or walk around blurry for the sake of freeing myself from the weight. As previously said, all metal frames I've ever worn do this. I feel primarily like using them for less than an hour or making them the glasses I whip out when doing something or reading. They will drive you insane. I become that blurry-eyed girl in line ahead of you asking you to read the big sign if they sell soy milk at this coffee shop. Because my glasses get that annoying.

• Round metal frames look really matronly and unsexy. You better pair them with a very youthful outfit or risk looking like a Little House on the Prairie extra. Oh, you're a male, huh? Congratulations. They look worse on you. Instant grandpa frames.

• You only get the choice of skinny looking frames.

• The cheapest metal frames always cost more than plastic ones. Once you get up into the frames mixed with precious metals and/or fancy looking shine, the kinds of frames where it looks like you spent money on them, they get really costly. Definitely, I will tell you, expensive metal frames are worth it because they look really good. They won't be cheap.

• Cheap metal frames tend to look cheap for some reason. You will look like a Princess Diaries before/after type of makeover taking them off. I can always tell those people who got the multiple glasses discount deals. For fixing the house, workikng with lumber, bathing cats as a pet groomer, that stuff, cheap glasses are fine. I wouldn't take them out on date night. This goes for men and women.

• People with large prescriptions can use them, but the glass will stick out the side. You may feel ugly.

Going No Nosepads


I heard horror tales from optical staffs when calling around about plastic frames. Your glasses will fall off depending on your face shape and nasal bridge!

No, they won't. All glasses slide down a little bit. All of them. ALL. Do not buy into this myth. My plastic frames slide like my metal ones.

"Oh yeah, you're not Korean!" you say? People of East Asian backgrounds I met with glasses told me they never have issues with it. They all got theirs in the mail or regular shops. Online, a few stores when I was browsing sell designs they recommend for Asian noses troubled by glasses.

I find glasses coziest without nosepads. My metal frames have them. I can always tell they're there.

Blue Light Coat

Does it work?

My metal frames don't have it. My pink plastic ones do. In flash photography, you really see the very faint yellow tint. They appear clear the rest of the time in reality or photos. The tint does not photograph bright yellow like sunglasses.

I think it helps a lot. When I wear my metal framed glasses without the blue light coat, my eyes don't feel as fresh by the end of the evening.

If I had to do it again...

"What would you do instead?"

Definitely, I would still chosen my metal frames. You always need one or two fancy pairs of those, both a silver/platinum and a gold, for times when you want to look subdued yet pretty. At some point, I might like to have a glasses collection now that I use them regularly and incorporate a pair of precious metal gold frames. No more than two total metal frames. And, I use metal frames to rest my plastic frames from overuse. The metal frames are going to be fossilized in the ground one day and studied by future humanities scholars. Very durable.

Because I don't use my metal frames as long, it doesn't matter that they don't have blue light protection. Primarily, they're for when I want to look nice or be grab-and-go for a minute. I plan on getting blue light protection for my future eyeglasses.

For frames, I want the rest of them all to be plastic.

I have black hair and feel weird using black frames with black glasses. A private pet peeve of mine is looking too monochromatic. I feel like my eyes disappear when you only see the eyeliner, black frames, black hair, and all this nothingness. On blondes and redheads, black frames look a lot better because your hair is a statement color.

I might experiment with plastic cat eye frames and enjoy a variety of colors in them. My "bag, baby" to quote Austin Powers will always be the classic hipster-ish shape plastic frames look, not too thin nor thick. Definitely, a hipster color variety would be nice in itself. A whole rainbow of them. Life is too short to be limited by eyewear choices.

I wrote this post because I could not find anyone else as honest as this. Everyone has your basic optometrist's notes or beauty blogger tips. Yeah, most of those beauty bloggers have like a -0.50 prescription. Don't listen to them. Michelle Phan, cute as she is, probably tosses on glasses like the kitty cat in The Lego Movie going to the board meeting and takes them off when she is done looking intelligent. I'm talking to people here, male and female, who wear glasses with pride and need a solid guide to them. Hope this has helped!