When Did Instagram Become the Underworld's Social Network of Choice in 2017?

When Did Instagram Become the Underworld's Social Network of Choice in 2017?

Many years ago, people told me about this new thing called Instagram. On it, you could find friends and brand your business or self if in the public. Who doesn't want that?


Don't Quit

You should have an Instagram. You never know who is going to find you on there, as I can proudly say when people find me posting my makeup looks, meeting fashion designers thanks to my old account ranting about women's shapewear issues, my love of music, all these hashtags. Not everyone follows you; they will contact you. People you dream of meeting in your industry will find you! Who may contact you out of the blue to work with you or network within the industry. Instagram is where news begins some days. Don't give up hope because of all the bad stuff going on. When I've done journalism, Instagram has been very effective at approaching people for articles.

An article on actor Kevin Hart covered it well.

Social media is extremely important and as casting directors, studies, and actors pointed out time and time again, acting talent doesn’t really matter. But, a social media following does. If you’re not using social media as a platform to connect with an audience, then you are not only missing out on a way to connect with fans, friends and people, you are most likely hurting your acting, filmmaking, and business career.
— ProjectCasting.com

Good people exist on the social network. Please, find me. I'd love to meet you. I need you!

That said, it's getting reallllllllly bad. Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, none of the other social networks at all, attract this negativity. Hoping it changes in a year!

Where The Underworld Cometh

Lack of Human Touch

I'm that Hello Kitty, making friends everywhere online type of person. Good luck having people talk to you. On my old account, and I've since reopened another, the single human interaction I ever had regularly was from fellow fans of DreamWorks Animation's Instagram feed. We'd ocassionally talk about our love of animation despite it being condemned as immature past 12. The second and only other place you may find it is amongst animal lovers.

The Bot Comments

People use bots and/or generic comments on your photos in gathering new followers. On a sad one I had on my old account, someone's bot quoted how awesome it was. Stuff like "I love your beauty look!" on a cat photo. You block these people and hate them.

Follower Spam

Grow your follower count! You'll get lots of these comments from spam leaving your comments open. I reported a large number of them. Instagram HQ at Facebook shuts them down only for the same people to reopen under another name. Spambottyloser823818 reopens under Spambottyloser823812390A.

Pervs and Fake Jobs

Let's be frank. Instagram is the new place for Millionaire Matchmaker men meeting women. Some are out for being your average sugar daddy boyfriend. Others want illegal attention. Via Fox News, no political bias intended:

Nik Richie, founder of The Dirty.com, told FOX411 he began to see call girls using the social media app around three years ago.“I started getting swarms of submissions to TheDirty.com from guys debunking female modeling careers because these women would constantly be flashing cash, private jet flights and exotic trips, but they had no jobs,” Richie told FOX411. “Their IG photos flaunted the ultimate lifestyle only afforded by rich men.”

“For some reason these women need to brag about their façade; posting pictures on their IG of $25,000 dollar purses, red bottom shoes, cash and of course the selfies from a yacht in the South of France or Dubai,” Richie said. “100 percent of their IG postings are fake set up situations to lure more men to ‘like’ their pictures.”

A modeling industry insider explained that these women use social media as a way to attract future clients with seductive photos, noting there is no way selfies can translate into enough money to maintain the luxurious lifestyle they document.

“The sexy photos and videos are always giveaways to lure people in. The vast majority of these women aren’t making money from modeling,” the source said. “Going to a beach in a bikini isn’t a paying job. You get no income for having 30,000 followers on IG. That $1/1K followers [rate] is pretty much the standard for any kind of endorsement deals, should a model secure one.”

Which means sending a pic of oneself modeling a product to 30,000 followers would typically net a model with an endorsement deal around $300.
— FoxNews.com

In my defense, and the defense of other young women, some of us have families who are CEOs, physicians, filmmakers, and all around people with solid income/wealth somehow who've gifted us things. Some of us are actresses, models, lawyers, and people gifting ourselves. You can't call out Gigi Hadid for having a wealthy father, OK. The difference is in the feeds being 100 percent about private planes and bags and women looking a "certain weathered way" from that lifestyle or someone like my childhood friend RIP who if she had an Instagram back then have posted her physician dad's scattered handbag gifts between updates on making her bedroom as flamingo pink as the eyes can handle. True. She repainted it several times because it was never neon pink enough!

Hope you see the difference. Designer things in themselves and a lot of what people post online is not really what people talk about unless you're new to all that or own a PurseBlog.com. You can pretty much tell when someone is too much into designer things as novelty writing a certain way and he/she is not running Cosmo's fashion features section, yeah. People who have that or always did don't care so much about that part of life.

I do know legit actresses who are not engaging in illegal things. A lot of people have pressure to keep up with the times and post sexy/pretty/nice photos. For the entertainment industry, understandable. Agency models get told to do it all the time. You can't say J.Lo posting a workout results sexy photo is that, or some of the lesser known girls I know with guest spots on TV shows.

Be wary of how people write, what they post, how they look because the extra weathered for a twentysomething look is a giveaway, the yachts, private planes, all of this. You'll notice the writeups are different than legit model/socialite/it girl/actresses' posts.

Few Real Friends

My Twitter is about human conversation. Somewhere on there, people will find you and write you back about politics, your cat, cooking, news, anything you write.

Instagram is not that place.

The people who follow you are all these followback friends who drop you if you don't follow them back. Fine. I follow people who friend me on Twitter. No big deal.

On Instagram, when you do the follow for a follow method and friend them back, you never hear from them again. This is what makes calling Instagram a social network ironic. Your new pals don't click like on your stuff nor write you. Unless it's the stereotypical pervy, old, hairy, unshowered, 81 year old men in as my high school classmate calls them "cow towns" in America, Hispanic countries, and nations elsehere who do an injustice to Hispanic/other cultures' great minds in science, art, politics and education. Those guys always try to write you and ask you out because they're fools. They ask out married women on social media. You have no hope if unwed. They think everyone is 18 on Instagram and ready to mingle with them. Yeah. Pathetic.

You will be followed by give or take 2,000 style bloggers-models-have-they-ever-modeled-like-I-did-or-are-they-for-real-or-illegal-girls?, 50 makeup artists who seem like nice people until they ignore you, 50 bikini girls, and 250 actual style bloggers each month. Some men. Count 15 male style bloggers in there. 15 follow back tacky old men who have never met women in their lives and treat women like trash. The worst.

They won't talk to you. They don't seem to care beyond follower counts.

All of them buy followers and some buy the follower-interaction combo where underpaid, intellectual tech workers in India are forced from their bad job market wages to click on some botched plastic surgery women's Insta all day, commenting, "Love it Jessica. Your nails are so fetch!"

You see someone on the follow backs following you with 200-800 following and 150,000-15 million followers. Really? Because someone with that many followers is either going to have at least 50,000 real following if doing the follow back method as a lot of celebrities do on Twitter. Or, someone who hardly follows anyone and is that popular is not going to give a care about following your dog posts.

All of them drop off if you unfollow them or don't folow them back.

Overwhelmingly Female Topics Posted by Unhuman Looking Females, Precisely

And not a place where women stick by our fellow women. That would be cool.

No, this is Pinterest for the body dysmorphic.

No, the weirdest looking plastic surgery disasters of women all plaster themselves through blurs and RuPaul's Drag Race makeup-on-Red Bull. Reduce that waist to the size of a two year old and make your implants up top exaggeratedly big and the bum from Hawaii to Rhode Island. As someone whose fallback desperation option in my head at 18 was be a plastic surgeon, plastic surgery of any kind can look really good. These women must be going to some back end of a Wal-mart clinic where their lips look like bums and the rest of their faces becomes alien-like. Many are beauty bloggers or fake job women. I'd hate having to shame beauty and fashion bloggers though as many are awesome, beautiful women with natural surgery results or no surgery at all. You know what I mean. The ones who really are not what they say they do.

These women cause poor self esteem in teens and tweens on why they don't look like disease infected Bratz dolls. Because the norm now is that as a standard of beauty. "That" is all I've been saying today. My mind jumps to that Twisted Sister music video where Dee Snider posseses a teenager. The guy's dad says, "Twisted Sister!? What is THAT!?" staring at the makeup.

Today's scary bunch of Instagram women make Dee Snider's drag getup look like natural Scandinavian beauty.

Good luck finding topics on Instagram not geared to looking like a special FX Henson artist dreamed you up, OK. I'm guilty of posting makeup; sometimes, talking about cinema or film scores would be up my area. Can't do it. I follow Hans Zimmer, Junkie XL, and some other amazing folks, the closest I'll ever get. Speaking of that...

The Posers and Fake Flattery

When I write people who I think are super cool, I post genuine comments.

The fake asterisk people out for bettering themselves without shame post stuff on say, a famous composer's feed, like, "Awesome!" alone or "I'm your biggest fan! etcetcetc [fill in with fake lies of how they live for him]"

I'm reminded of the young man I know who meets a lot of celebrities at parties and gives them all the same line. The line is super fake. He's always inspired by everything they do in the fakest wording possible.

Instagram is a bunch of no good people like him who have no manners nor care for another human being clobbering each other in fake compliments as if the person cannot see through them. It's like the worst red carpet party you've ever been to folded over and over into the world's biggest fake compliment diner calzone. Flooding with cheese outside because those compliments are so fake asterisk cheesy, you hate those people.

Nobody ever tells a filmmaker, "Hey Mr. Scorsese! Have a great day. That sandwich looks like what I ate there last weekend! Have you had their pastrami too?"

You people treating famous industry people like they're worthless for the sake of thinking you're furthering career suck as people. If you were really fans of the people you claim to be a fan of, you wouldn't be so disrespectful in generic commentary and/or overdoing it.

Or you have the posers, like Bow Wow posting his sweet air ride and he was really flying commercial.

Where does this leave me?


I'm that optimistic cheeseball who believes things can turn over. This is 2017. Don't call Instagram dead yet.


When your lips become square and your nose is on its way to Michael Jackson, you should probably get off Instagram — and quit living off men's charity as it's obvious you aren't a real style blogger. Real photo blurred/blackened out to hide the identity of this person. Sorry, no one background of humans in existence has ever had square lips naturally.