Beauty Tip #4: A Sample Meal For Looking Young Forever

Beauty Tip #4: A Sample Meal For Looking Young Forever

This tip may be common sense to people in India, Scandinavia, the Middle East, and so on. Elsewhere, people still need to learn potato chips are not the only thing on the food pyramid — and the food pyramid is your way to permanent youth. Let's go.

An example meal is this homemade salad, along with a biscuit, bread not pictured.

You'll need:

A PROTEIN. I used baked salmon here, a generous portion. Salmon has lots of protein grams per serving and omega 3's. You don't have to. You can go with tofu, chicken, or anything else. Try to keep it less fried, OK. Fried food is a vice, not a staple. Also seen: scattered nuts. Yes, I get some people go nuts on slandering tofu's reputation as ruining one's body. If I may say so, all of the people who've ever scolded me on soy products and my beloved soy milk are supermarket employees who may frown upon soy yet don't feel tattooing an entire map on an arm and electronica hot pink hair in toxic chemicals could be bad, yeah, whatever is my attitude towards that. I don't comment on your hair; don't comment on my tofu I'm buying.

GREENS AND REDS. Here are tomatoes, loads of spinach, alfalfa sprouts, scatterd cranberries, veggies galore. Cucumber slices. Avocado sliced. Go generous on them.

KICKS. Like sesame seeds. 

CARBS. Neither too much nor too little. Carbs give you energy. All the people I meet claiming carbs are evil have no issue with smoking or binge drinking. Perhaps I'm old fashioned. Give me carbs and I can exercise them off. This salad has scattered Chinese wonton sticks. Also, a must is always a side bread biscuit or lunch roll. I have lifelong diabetes and get sick if my carbs dip too low. A normal person needs carbs, period. Don't skip the carbs. Hummus tossed near or in your salad is a good carb-protein hybrid. You can mix it up.

VICES. Here, I went a little wild with the low calorie yogurt ranch dressing. At times, I'll do a full vegan salad. It varies. This falls into vices. I also ate a sugar free Jello as I write this at lunch. Vices exist so you don't fall off your healthy living for hotness plan. Technically, you should be eating healthier for the HEALTH benefits, hotness being far down the list. I know you. You care about being handsome/pretty/youthful forever, you vain, naughty reader. When you go straight up low calorie, low carb, low anything, you eventually lose the plan and go for the Cheetos. Yet, when you every so often enjoy Cheetos, and to be honest President Trump being called an orange Cheeto ruined it for me as I now associate Cheetos with cannibalism, you do great. Drink a diet soda every now and then. Cheat. Daily, in fact. Something small.