Gem Lites Colorwash Shampoo is Magic; I Used Ruby Red

I'm about to write a positive Dunkirk film post. Hair talk for five minutes, OK!

First, my ditzy raving of this shampoo.

State of My Hair Pre-Shampoo

This review is 100 percent authentic when I say I love this shampoo product.

Because my hair has looked like this for the past, oh, SIX OR MORE(!) months of diabetic-poor-circulation caused broken-ness in the front.

pee wee movie.jpg

For the most part, I had longer hair with what you could call "Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road nonexistent frontal bangs." They have since grown out and not re-broken to some kind of awkward side bang thing. Last fall was not kind to me. I had really unpredictable ill moments from late summer to about November 2018 that reflected in my hair's brittle quality. Because hair is old protein, you may be healthy now. Your hair will represent what your health looked last the last few months.

The Product Itself

I used a product from the brand Celeb Luxury called Gem Lites Colorwash. Why they misspell it, don't ask. In America, you spell "lite" for 1950's style diner menus. The color I chose was Ruby Red.

The line was created by one Mr. Leland Hirsch, who has gray hair. Whatever he's doing, he sure isn't testing out the color depositing products on his own hair. Ever notice how great hair innovators either have white/gray hair or are completely bald? Stephen Hawking should investigate this phenomenon. Either way, I'm glad this stuff is around.


The product is free of all the bad stuff you hear about: animal byproducts, sulfates, ammonia, peroxide, parabens, you name it.

Key Points First

#1 Your hair won't look WIzard of Oz red slipper ruby red like the promo ad sample girl.

Unless you started with that. Misled hairdressers/hair product shop personnel will tell you it's only for people with red hair, lies, lies, lies. My hair is naturally light black with lots of cherry red highlights that turn carrot orange from sun damage. You can use this on blonde, red, brown or black hair. The shampoo is basically a toner shampoo, OK. It will not make your hair into Ronald McDonald. This is the sample I'm referring to.

#2 It works on non-redheads.

Want a warmer blonde? Fix your natural auburn highlights in black hair, like me? Refresh a warm medium brown and not want a wooden look? This is for you. Informed professional hairdressers use this clients all the time as the color visit's finishing touch.

I had some drama with a pushy hairdresser half refusing to sell this to me at a salon because she insisted it "wouldn't work!" and "you should use the Copper Brown for brown-red highlights!" She forcibly snatched the Ruby Red out of my hands and put Copper Brown on the register. The whole point of me buying this is de-carroting/de-Prince Harrying my natural ginger highlights between the black tones. Me using Copper Brown would make that orange-ness worse.

When she left to go chat up someone, I bought the Ruby Red from someone else. It's none of your business what I want to do with my hair. People have told me how this works on any hair color, nosy hairdresser chick. I am a paying customer. If I want this and you prefer copper tones on me that I dislike, you're selling a product! Shut up and sell it to me! You are the reason I'm re-purchasing this ONLINE as opposed to IN PERSON! You should too!

#3 Celeb Luxury Makes Cool Stuff For Everything Else

Bleached out blondes seeking bubblegum pink hair can go for another shampoo depositing thing. Want a gloss shampoo? Get bronde hair? Go for it. Explore the line.

My Results After One Attempt

Texture Improved!

My hair's texture itself was really easy to style for the first time in forever. My broken hair no longer stood out to where I had to hide it with clip in faux bangs, or fringe if you're British. I tossed it off to the side. A bit of Alba Botanic Hawaiian Coconut leave in mist gave me the Instagram/photoshoot ready shiny hair I normally have. I styled my hair what I call 2001 era Gwyneth Paltrow straight.

The Color Enriched

All, right. What you've been waiting for. Because my hair is darker, I didn't turn into Debra Messing nor did I expect to. My hair continues looking black with lots of highlights throughout. For the first time in ages, I feel like I don't have to wear dyed faux hair of any kind over my real hair. I was left with that fresh out the salon look. Here is my hair close up in sunlight. You can see the highlights over the real base color going. This is my virgin hair.

Note, if you must dye your real or fake extensions a really good looking solid black or dark auburn, I love using John Frieda foam color over anything in the black and their almost wine red. Their products will never destroy your real or fake hair! Ever since I met the team at Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC when the color was in development(!) and got a box sample, I've been hooked on the stuff.

daytime highlights.jpg

See? No filter or flash on that. Still the black tone as the majority. Below is my hair with flash on and in direct sunshine. The red highlights pop a lot with so much light on them. Funny, you don't see the black at all but it really exists. I swear!

daytime closeup.jpg

Here I am in a sort of dimly lit photo at night in my room. You can see my hair is black with a warm undertone. The highlights are harder to spot. The thing on the lamp is a glow in the dark monster cat toy charging for kitty bedtime. Behind that lies cat food. If you had to ask.

My hair in reality is darker than this. Behold, flash iPhone photography!


Below, I did flash and bright sunlight again. My smile is ultra cheesy, therefore, I resorted to duck lipping it like I'm a college freshman on Snapchat. Biologically, I'm 30 years and almost seven months old as I write this. Nothing feels good like doing the duck lip thing for it to look culturally irrelevant. Old people in their 30's aren't supposed to do them! Haha, take that, youthful Snapchatters!

You can see how when I'm hit with all that light, my hair is back to turning red in the sun/flash/both as opposed to me looking like Princess Harry the giant human carrot. Remember guys, indoors, it's going to stay reddish black or neutral black unless I lighten it with bleach/home hair dye. Virgin hair is weird–and something so beautiful, fake dye can never replicate its oddities!

OK, the duck lips are pretty stupid. My hair, not so much. It looks shiny and pretty! For once, the broken pieces blend in! What a relief!

My hair will probably look better the more often I use this product. For my first time, it's pretty good.