Review: Dailies Total 1 Contact Lenses

Review: Dailies Total 1 Contact Lenses

Reviewing contact lenses seems a little weird when you think most people review books, makeup, clothes. Whatever, I'm reviewing these.

dailies total.jpg

Having tried the Dailies Total 1 several days over a two week time period, they feel OK. The real trouble happens at night when you try to remove the lenses glued to your eyes. Try as you can, they stick. These things are like those sticky rainforest toads for your corneas.

The texture itself feels like saran wrap. You feel like you're about to rip them apart. The oddity in the mess is why are they so hard to remove if they are sooooo thin? How are they good for your eyes if you almost divide your eyeball in half removing them? You can absolutely damage your cornea removing these things incorrectly. After three separate days, I gave up on my sample box.

They may work for some people who live on rewetting drops. You probably shouldn't need to use rewetting drops all day long when you use dailies. I tried moistening my eyes. Not much progress in removing the lenses. Something about them being too thin? Who knows. No matter the reason, I don't intend on making them a habit.