Web Design


Are you an artist, musician, actor or somehow in entertainment, new or not? I provide discounted rates to you as a favor to help your branding presence. Get in touch!


I have done web design for people like you including:

• small businesses

• musicians

• actors, actresses & filmmakers

• rappers

• artists

• celebrity plastic surgeons

"can you...?"

Yes! My tech service offerings besides the initial web design include:

• updating your blog weekly

• updating your e-shop inventory

• managing your social media accounts


I charge by the job, not the hour. Each job is divided according to task. I will finish your website before billing you for the next job.

To weed out serious customers from people standing to take advantage of my web design for free, I require that new customers pay me for part of the job before I begin their services.


I never tell anyone who hires me. Only if you are proud of my work and insist on it do I ever sign off below "website by Nicole Russin-McFarland." Most web designers stick their name on every website they ever make and turn your new site into a walking advertisement without your consent.

Hire Me!

To hire me for your new website, contact my website inbox. Please provide me with as much information as possible about your visual goals, functional requirements, budget, and any other requests. It will get to me quickly and we can discuss your options.


"I am a dentist [or insert occupation here]. Isn't true you need 100+ dental websites to do mine?"

The most common question. People think web design changes for every occupation. When you know how to do web design, you can do any web design. I don't know how to get this through to people who look at me in absolute confusion.

We don't have French for actors, another French for students, one for doctors, one for construction crew, and a French for scientists. People who speak French know French for everyone. Web design uses the same train of thought.

"Why are you qualified?"

Web design has been a lifelong hobby. I used computer science classes to fulfill my university science requirements. You might as well do something with all that!

"Is my website going to look yours?"

Not unless you want me to recreate it. I do what you ask.

"You do web design for musicians? I don't trust you to do a corporate looking website for my small insurance group."

Again, I do whatever web design you request. Primarily Americans enquiring about my services when they meet me ask about this. Europeans get it. Our country, as good as it is, has an either-or mentality of sticking people in boxes within work settings.

My web design can be subdued or artsy punk. It's all up to the client.

"Can I hire you if I live in the UK, Australia, [insert country outside the USA]?"

Yes. All of this is done via e-mail. You can be located anywhere. I'm great with US and UK spelling.

"Can you set up my website in another language?"

Of course!


Squarespace: a top celebrity used web host.

Squarespace: a top celebrity used web host.



Lenny Kravitz. He's pretty cool, isn't he? LennyKravitz.com

The Dixie Chicks. DixieChicks.com

V Magazine. VMagazineShop.com

Style blogger Dear Milano. DearMilano.com

My own website you are visiting right now, NicoleRussinMcFarland.com, is a Squarespace!

It's Britney, bitch, on  V Magazine 's official Squarespace shop.

It's Britney, bitch, on V Magazine's official Squarespace shop.



$144 yearly for a basic website or store with up to two contributors (bloggers); 3% transaction fee for web stores.


$216 yearly for a website with an unlimited number of contributors (bloggers); free GMail for Business (name@myname.com using GMail); 2% transaction fee for web stores.




• The web hosting is as luxurious as it gets. Compare it to being the Chanel of web design in both the look and the product itself. You get a full time staff on call for any needs.

• Unlimited bandwidth and storage.

• Free custom domain name with your purchase.

• Google AdSense enabled.

• Advanced analytics you can use in conjunction with Google Analytics. Want to know the exact place in the UK someone logged on at 3:19 pm Eastern USA time? Squarespace doesn't charge you more to tell you.

• Freedom to change your landing page at whim.

• Have multiple designs running within the same website. Not possible via any other platform!

• Can have your website's blog updates as an official Apple News provider, just like GQ and Cosmopolitian (English language news only).

• Incredibly fast loading time, whether on a cell phone, tablet, or laptop.

• The easiest blog to update on your tablet or computer, right up there with Tumblr's simplicity.


• Nothing, really! You get what you pay for, similar to how you expect a Ferrari to be more expensive but fancier.

Ever bought a Kylie lip kit? Good. You used Shopify!

Ever bought a Kylie lip kit? Good. You used Shopify!



Kylie Jenner's ever popular makeup store. KylieCosmetics.com



$9 monthly. A Facebook mini store!


$29 per month. 2 staff accounts.


$79 per month 5 staff accounts, better shipping label discount, gift cards, professional reports, abandoned cart recovery.


$299 per month. 15 staff accounts, greatest shipping label discount, gift cards, professional reports, abandoned cart recovery, advanced reporter builder, real time carrier shipping.




• A great option after Squarespace if you want a beautiful e-shop.

• Professional reputation within the business community.

• A paid staff answers any issues you may have.

• Accept credit cards anywhere in person.

• No transaction fees if using what is defined as Shopify Payments. Transaction fees for payments accepted without it: 2% under Basic Shopify, 1% under Shopify, and 0.5% under Advanced Shopify.


• Shopify Lite is a cool invention but a bit wonky. A Facebook store never looks as professional as a fully developed web store.

• The cost. Shopify is the most expensive option I've seen. The good news is, it looks expensive when done well.

• Shopify is for retail. Don't bother if you want to sell items and make the website your main focus.

All the single ladies – and married people – love Tumblr.

All the single ladies – and married people – love Tumblr.



Queen Bey herself, as her main website. Beyonce.com

And lest we not forget these mainstream names using it as a youthful extension of their brands:

NASA nasa.tumblr.com

Coca-Cola coca-cola.tumblr.com

Taylor Swift taylorswift.tumblr.com

Taylor Swift has been known to shake it off on Tumblr.

Taylor Swift has been known to shake it off on Tumblr.




• Your gorgeous new website will "wake up like this." Don't compare a real Tumblr design with the one you may have seen used by your elementary school age nephew's blog. Tumblr looks great with a custom theme. As with Beyoncé, you know she won't settle for anything less than custom made. And you can unleash your inner Top 40 goddess by doing the same by hiring me.

• Unlimited bandwidth and storage.

• Built in fan base. Tumblr users tend to be a younger, tech savvy, image concious demographic. You can gain followers if you post food, clothing, or anything appealing to a younger audience. People additionally have the option to follow your blog updates like a Twitter account, like the post, or reblog the post with credits linking back to your website on their very own Tumblr blogs.

• Have quick graphics? Your work is most likely to go viral if placed on Tumblr. You can be the next meme!

• Choices beyond simple blogging. Upload conversations, images, audio, video, or anything you please directly from your computer or iPhone, easily.

• If you don't want to give up a main professional website, you don't have to! You can use a Tumblr along with your official main website through a subdomain, such as tumblr.myname.com. In fact, it might strengthen your web prescence to have both a regular website and a Tumblr.


• No web store capabilities – at least, nothing that looks like it came from this century.

• Tumblr reserves the option to delete your user account if your content doesn't meet community standards. While there is plenty of nudity and artistry on Tumblr blogs, this is something to keep in mind if your artistic expression as a writer, artist, filmmaker, or model sometimes falls into the controversial territory.

• Tumblr's SEO value isn't as good as Wordpress or Squarespace. Of course, this doesn't matter if your work is primarily visual. Or if you're Beyoncé, who can probably throw a photo of Wonderbread on her website and get 1 million Tumblr reblogs.

Olivia Palermo is stylish and chic, like her self hosted Wordpress website.

Olivia Palermo is stylish and chic, like her self hosted Wordpress website.

Self Hosted Wordpress


The New Yorker NewYorker.com

Fashion icon Olivia Palermo of MTV's The City fame. OliviaPalermo.com

Whitney Port, also of The City and The Hills WhitneyPort.com

Wordpress is ideal for everyone, from corporate needs to it girls like Whitney Port, seen above.

Wordpress is ideal for everyone, from corporate needs to it girls like Whitney Port, seen above.


Varies. GoDaddy.com often runs sales and is the best option for a good quality web hosting provider.


$7.99 per month. 10 GB storage. Bandwidth for up to 25,000 monthly visitors.


$9.99 per month. 15 GB storage. Bandwidth for up to 100,000 monthly visitors.


$14.99 per month. 30 GB storage. Bandwidth for up to 400,000 monthly visitors. 2 websites allowed.


$24.99 per month. 50 GB storage. Bandwidth for up to 800,000 monhtly visitors. 2 websites allowed.


• The most amount of creative control for web design. You can do anything you dream of with a self hosted Wordpress website. You can do the most bizarre layouts/designs and, somehow, it continues working.

• Its setup is a favorite of those with web editions of magazines and newspapers, or solely e-magazines. If you're a major media blogger, chances are, you've used Wordpress.

• Free domain name with any package if purchased from GoDaddy.

• Google AdSense enabled.

• Enabled for blogs and/or websites in every language. Except cat. Chinese, Spanish, German, and human languages are good to go.

• 24/7 GoDaddy staffers available to help you out.

• Complete creative control. No one is bossing you around in terms of content. Post artistic nudity, thought provoking short films, quick witted sarcasm, anything you desire. Because you pay for your own hosting, nobody can shut you down.

• If you dislike a theme, it can be changed overnight to keep up with the trends. Toss it out like an old pair of jeans!

• Google Analytics is free! Why should you pay more over at Wordpress.com for this basic upgrade?


• One word, two syllables: plug-ins. Think accessories for your website. An example of a plug-in could be a cute Instagram display highlighting your latest posts. Sometimes, a plug-in stops working overnight and the web developer has to go in search of another one. It is always wise to work with a low amount of plug-ins, as the more you have, the more likely your website is to be hacked.

• If you blog frequently and love photos, you'll fill up that storage in no time.

• Wordpress gets really outdated, really fast. Your theme may not look good in 2-3 years. Or, possibly yearly, if you're like me, a trendy personality and want to keep up with the times. Buying a new web design that frequently could get expensive.

• Requires an SSL certificate to retain credit card payment security for a web store. Other platforms have it already built in.

• Jealous frenemies can hack your Wordpress site much more easily than a Squarespace or Shopify. Those plug-ins are susceptible – hackers will get them, and your little dog too! If ever you catch the hackers, be sure to melt them by tossing water at those witches. If you want a self hosted Wordpress, I do my best by making most of the style within the code itself and the theme(s), never an abundance of plug-ins.

• Beware of many cheaper Wordpress hosting providers. They will slow down your website on purpose, or worse, cancel your membership – and it's all legal because you didn't read the tiny print in your contract. What if tomorrow, your website gets 3 million web hits? The content goes dead. And your website is offline for the rest of the month. Or, you're banned from using it. A deal that sounds too good to be true always is.

Want to roar like Katy Perry? You'll need a VIP plan.

Want to roar like Katy Perry? You'll need a VIP plan.



Katy Perry (VIP Plan). KatyPerry.com

Jay-Z (VIP Plan). LifeAndTimes.com

The New York Times (VIP Plan). NYTimes.com

My own company, Lucky Pineapple Books + Films, uses it because we needed a more corporate look with the social network aspect Wordpress.com provides. If you want to see a non-VIP Plan in action, visit our Basic Plan hosting sample! LuckyPineappleFilms.com



Free! Includes 3 GB storage. If you don't want to use myname.wordpress.com – and you really shouldn't if you want to look professional – domain mapping will cost you about $13 yearly. Wordpress.com may run ads on your website to support their free service.


$35.88 yearly. Includes 3 GB storage, staff support and the ability to remove Wordpress.com ads. The difference between Basic with domain mapping and the Personal plan is the added staff support and ad removal.


$99 yearly. 13GB storage. Includes the tech support team, ad removal, website monetization (run your own ads), and VideoPress support.


$299 per year. All the same benefits of the Premium plan but with more incentives. Unlimited storage! Attend live conferences, remove the lower page "powered by Wordpress.com" phrase, Google Analytics, and unlimited premium themes!


I'll help you out with this if you're willing to let me. In their words, "Prices for WordPress.com VIP Cloud Hosting start at $5000 per month for up to 5 websites. Our Self-Hosted services start at $15k per year. If that sounds like a good fit, get in touch!" The VIP web hosting seems to come with a separate celebrity entrance – literally, all the info is at VIP.wordpress.com and not the regular website – and the platform appears best for people who have way too much content and millions of web hits. VIP clients include the NFL's official blog.


• Like Squarespace and Tumblr, Wordpress.com provides super fast web loading times because you rely on a mass of servers as opposed to you renting a small number each month.

• Get a free custom domain name with your purchase of any plan.

• Also like Tumblr, Wordpress.com has what I a moment ago described as a built in fan base. A major bonus! People will find your articles within minutes through your keywords. And, like Tumblr, they have the option to follow your blog.

• Unlike Tumblr, Wordpress.com's users are not primarily info-grab-and-go young people. The audience is all over the map as far as demographics go. From teens to elderly, men and women, users around the globe love Wordpress.com and will comment on your blog posts.

• Wordpress.com social users are more likely to enjoy reading long blog entries.

• All the benefits of Wordpress in general, including blogging in every language.

• You can create a members only website. But please, no hideous members only jackets.

• Wordpress.com prevents hacking fairly well, in contrast to self hosted Wordpress websites.


• A lot of the themes are plain yucky, depending on what you need visually. Because Wordpress.com prevents hacking through no custom web design nor plug-ins, I, your lovely web designer, am severely limited to what I can accomplish. I can make you a fairly attractive website with the right theme. Likely, it will suit your needs as a small business or corporate executive. For an entertainment personality or unique branding idea, I wouldn't really recommend it unless you want a VIP plan.

• Wordpress.com storage fills up way too quickly. You won't think you'll use it. Oh, you will. Be prepared to fork over a suitcase full of cash at the airport, Dumb and Dumber style, once you blog frequently. When you do, please hope two losers don't steal your cash you left for Wordpress.com at said airport and take off to Colorado in a sheepdog minivan. Wordpress.com will be ticked off.

• Also similar to Tumblr in that the platform can disable your website if they find your content to be against policy rules, or for lack of a better term, kick you out of their party once they decide you're uncool and "weird." And make fun of your glasses.



Each platform has a way to do it. Or, be old fashioned with your Google Drive, GMail, laptop, whatever it takes.


Many of you aren't used to telling others your opinion because corporate work is based on politeness. In these circumstances, I really need you to play the role of a movie director, telling me exactly what you want, how it looks, colors you like, fonts, and all the insanity. Bring it on! I can't visualize anything without knowing your likes and dislikes. You will not hurt my feelings. I need to know everything.


What happens after the order is placed? You will need to send me links to samples of websites you like, provide me with all images and pages as you want them written, and everything you think of down to the finest detail.


Except for updating the blog, which I will show you how to do, do not play with your website's design. You know those kids who touch things in a store and break it? Although their moms said not to touch it, and those kids said, "Yeah, right, I won't break it," yet they broke it anyway? A lot of grown-ups act like that with their websites. Do not use your website as Cloud storage. Do not edit anything. Do not play with colors. You will break your website. In some circumstances, I've had people delete entire websites and beg me, "Please, bring it back!" Don't. Touch. It.


I can't read your thoughts. I am not, per a joke I used in my Big Bad Wolf book, Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost. I need to know your every goal as a personal brand, entertainer, business, corporation, whatnot, and the long and short term needs and can figure out a website based around that. You'll love it!